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Washing Machine Repair Tips

Not Spinning
There is a lid switch that could break and keep the unit from spinning. Another problem could be the drive unit from the motor to the transmission. This could be a broken drive coupling or a belt.
Not Draining
This could also be a bad lid switch. Another possibility is a bad drain pump. The […]

Refrigerator Repair Tips

Not Cooling
Defrost Problem – If a refrigerator has a defrost problem, cold air cannot circulate. This causes the temperature to increase in both the refrigerator and the freezer.
Common Solutions

Defrost timer
Defrost thermostat

The compressor might not be running.
Possible Causes

Cold control
Capacitor relay starter
Logic board
Defrost board
Locked up compressor

There are two fans. One is behind the refrigerator, one is […]

Oven Repair Tips

Not Heating (Electric)
First check the breaker. The element is the most common problem associated with no heat. If the element is visually inspected using a flashlight, a melted spot can be identified. The terminal going to the element could be burnt as well. There is a hi-limit thermostat that is located on the back […]

Ice Maker Repair Tips

No Cubes
Make sure the water going to the refrigerator is on. If the refrigerator is equipped with a filter, it could restrict the water flow to the ice maker. The other possibility is that the ice maker or water solenoid is bad.
Small Cubes
This is possibly a water restriction caused by a filter or a […]

Dryer Repair Tips

All dryers need three things to work.


No Heat
The electrical requirements for most electric dryers is 240 volts. There could be 120 volts missing. A possible fix for this is to throw the breaker for the dryer all the way off, then back on again. Then test the dryer. If the electrical is ok, the […]

Disposal Repair Tips

Object Stuck
Most disposals have a special wrench that comes with it or can be acquired at a hardware store. Located in the middle of the bottom of most disposals is a receptacle for the wrench. Once the Wrench is inserted, you can force the internals of the unit in a clockwise then counter clockwise […]

Dishwasher Repair Tips

Not Draining

Check the aerator (unit on top of sink). This unit can get clogged.
If a disposal was recently installed make sure the dishwasher drain plug was removed.
Grease could clog up the drain hose.
Drain pumps and choke valves go bad as well.

Not Washing

Water not entering the machine or a small amount entering will cause the […]

Cook Top Repair Tips

We recommend that you always check the circuit breaker first.
Burners Not Coming On (Electric)
Receptacle or infinite switch if bad will cause a burner not to function. If all the burners are nonfunctioning, you probably have a power problem.
Burners Not Lighting (Gas)
Small holes could become clogged. Clean them out with a toothpick or small wire. […]

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Shaking or Movement
When the washer shakes and/or moves, you might try leveling the feet. First shorten all the feet (some washers have self adjusting feet in back). After shortening the feet, move the washer back into the desired location. Then adjust the height as necessary on the front feet. Remember to remove any mats […]

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Keep coils clean, use a coil brush or compressed air (office supply stores sell compressed air in cans).
Door Seals
Clean door seals are important. Sticky seals, or door frames can damage the door seals. They can be easily cleaned with soap & water or a spray cleaner.
Water Hose to Refrigerator
Stainless steel water hoses to are […]