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Oven Maintenance Tips

Cleaning Oven
Most of our oven repairs are needed because the self-cleaning feature is used. The oven gets extremely hot during this cycle. Please use this feature with extreme caution.
If the temperature does not seem correct we suggest that you purchase an oven thermometer from most any grocery store. With the thermometer inside, turn the […]

Ice Maker Maintenance Tips

An old filter can restrict the water flow. If the ice maker does not fill completely with water the motor can overheat when it begins to cycle.
The colder the freezer, the faster ice is produced. If the freezer temperature is 10 degrees or higher it is not cold enough for the ice maker to […]

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Exhaust (Vent) Hose
It is a good idea to replace the dryer vent hose every 3 to 5 years because lint collects in it.
Squeezed Exhaust Hose
The exhaust hose can also get squeezed. If the dryer is pushed back too far it could cause it to collapse. If this happens the air flow will be cut […]

Disposal Maintenance Tips

If you hear a humming noise, something might be jammed in the disposal. You can use an allen wrench made for disposals (if applicable) to move the internal mechanism back and forth. This will free most objects lodged inside. After freeing the object make sure you remove it.
No Sound
When there is no sound, try […]

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Film on Dishes
This can be caused by soap used to hand wash dishes. Sometimes this soap finds its way into the dishwasher. Try to avoid this. If you suspect that your dishwasher has been contaminated we suggest you start a cycle and after running it for five minutes open the door up and look […]

Disposal Installation Tips

Use plumber’s putty for the sink to drain parts.
Use a good cord with a ground.
If you have a dishwasher, make sure to remove the plug on the disposal.
Try to use the same disposal as was used previously. This cuts down on plumbing issues and trips to the hardware store.
Try to use a ½ horsepower […]

Dishwasher Installation Tips

Three things must be hooked up when installing a dishwasher

Water Inlet

Make sure to hook up a ground, trim the wires properly, and use new electrical connectors.
As the dishwasher is moved under the counter, pull the drain hose slack out to ease the installation process. Once the dishwasher is in place, then connect the drain […]