Object Stuck

Most disposals have a special wrench that comes with it or can be acquired at a hardware store. Located in the middle of the bottom of most disposals is a receptacle for the wrench. Once the Wrench is inserted, you can force the internals of the unit in a clockwise then counter clockwise motion. Once the internals move freely, use a flashlight to look through the top of the disposal. A screwdriver can aid by forcing back the rubber flaps on top of the disposal so the inside object can be viewed more accurately.

No Operation

Most disposals have a reset switch on the bottom. Simply press the switch to reset it. There is probably a reason the reset switch engaged, an object might be logged. If an object is stuck refer to the Object Stuck instructions.


Check all clamps and plumbing first. But if the disposal is leaking, it must be replaced.

Disclaimer: For safety, check and obey all national and local electrical laws and permits.