Exhaust (Vent) Hose

It is a good idea to replace the dryer vent hose every 3 to 5 years because lint collects in it.

Squeezed Exhaust Hose

The exhaust hose can also get squeezed. If the dryer is pushed back too far it could cause it to collapse. If this happens the air flow will be cut off and clothing takes longer to dry. In some cases the dryer can overheat causing the thermal cut off or thermal fuse to blow out.


Try to keep trash and flammable materials away from the dryer.

Dryer Repair and Maintenance


Keep the dryer clean. It is a good idea to clean out the dryer annually since lint collects and it becomes a fire hazard.


In order for a dryer to work it is necessary for three things to take place:

  • Heat
  • Airflow
  • Tumbling

If your dryer has heat and is tumbling but is not drying the likely cause would be a clogged or obstructed exhaust vent.

Disclaimer: For safety, check and obey all national and local electrical laws and permits.