Not Heating (Electric)

First check the breaker. The element is the most common problem associated with no heat. If the element is visually inspected using a flashlight, a melted spot can be identified. The terminal going to the element could be burnt as well. There is a hi-limit thermostat that is located on the back of some ovens. If it is bad, it will prevent the oven from working. A bad electronic control board is possible as well.

Not Heating (Gas)

The igniter is the most common problem. The gas valve can go bad as well. The electronic control board if not functioning will also keep the oven from working.


Bad thermostat, control board, or sensor are possibilities.

Not Very Hot

A shorted element or breaker problem possible.

Installation Tips

When installing a range make sure to install the anti tip device. Ranges if tipped over are a leading cause of household deaths.

Disclaimer: For safety, check and obey all national and local electrical laws and permits.