We offer simple pricing with Free Service Call With Repair. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We offer a Senior Citizen Discount. Be sure to ask about it!

Simple Pricing

  • Service Call
  • $5990visit
  • Only Applied If Appliance Not Repaired
  • Add $10 If Dishwasher or Freezer
  • Standard
  • $8990repair
  • In Most Cases
  • Flat Rate, Not Hourly Rate
  • Premium
  • $12990repair
  • In Some Cases
  • Flat Rate, Not Hourly Rate

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Sample Bill

Item Description Amount
Service Call 1023 Main St, Dallas, TX Subtotal: $0.00
Labor Install T’Stat 1 Repair: $89.90
Thermostat 2345 T’Stat Material: $15.00
Tax 8.25% Tax: $7.83
All Items Description Your Total: $112.73
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