Shaking or Movement

When the washer shakes and/or moves, you might try leveling the feet. First shorten all the feet (some washers have self adjusting feet in back). After shortening the feet, move the washer back into the desired location. Then adjust the height as necessary on the front feet. Remember to remove any mats or blocks from under the washer.

Burst Hoses

Old water hoses can burst. These hoses are under constant pressure. The rubber can weaken over a period of time, especially the hot water hose. We strongly recommend the stainless steel braided hoses, most have a 20 year warranty.

Damaging Lid Switches

Try to avoid letting the lid fall. When the lid closes it activates a switch, if the lid slams it can damage the lid switch.

Transmission or Coupling

We recommend that you avoid washing too many jeans or towels at one time. This could overload the washer and put a strain on these parts.

Heavy Rugs

We recommend that you avoid washing heavy rugs as they can break apart in a washer. The loose materials can end up at the drain pump and jam. If the material makes it past the pump, it ends up in the drain pipes and causes clogs.

Disclaimer: For safety, check and obey all national and local electrical laws and permits.