Not Spinning

There is a lid switch that could break and keep the unit from spinning. Another problem could be the drive unit from the motor to the transmission. This could be a broken drive coupling or a belt.

Not Draining

This could also be a bad lid switch. Another possibility is a bad drain pump. The hoses could also be clogged or be kinked.


Pumps can leak, also hoses can puncture. Another concern is that the drain could overflow. To test this, fill the washer and advance the timer to the spin setting. The washer will drain. Use a flashlight to examine the area, where the drain hose drains. If you see water overflowing it is not a problem with the washer, but with the drain.

Not Washing

Most washers use a belt or coupling to drive the transmission. If one of these units breaks, the washer will not agitate. The motor might not engage because of a bad starting capacitor or wiring.

Disclaimer: For safety, check and obey all national and local electrical laws and permits.